Colorful Carrots

Posted on May 1, 2013


Scoring no points for consistency, I admit there was a big fail on keeping you guys up to speed during April.  I can’t stand excuses, but sometimes, that’s all I got.  I moved, broke my phone, threw my low back out doing a super light clean, someone attempted robbery at my parents’ house, and well, it was just one of those months. Doing anything other than CrossFit and work were kind of out of the question. My nutrition was non-existent for the most part, and paired with an injury, it made for a less than productive month.  My back has since gotten better and been replaced with a recurring shoulder issue – ah, critics beware, this is a sit behind a desk for too many hours a day injury.  Is it me or every time there is a physical breakdown of a CrossFitter, those outside the cult immediately relate it to CrossFit and their reason for not trying it.  Bad excuse, I still highly recommend the sport and encourage anyone who has not yet given it a shot to try it.

IMG_20130501_055410Back on topic here, the beginning of summer is here! It’s pretty much hot as ever out already this week – who out there is hanging out in snow? I spent a few on the patio getting a tan this afternoon. Pros and cons to everything, but I couldn’t imagine being buried in the snow right now. I certainly prefer the warmer weather, but for some reason it seemed to, in true nature suddenly get hot.  As the seasons change, my pallet tends to alter as well.  The warmer it gets, the colder the food I crave.  I’m looking forward to getting creative in the kitchen with cold vegtable salads using some of the great produce coming into season over the next couple of months.

IMG_20130501_055318During May, we have the arrival of apricots, eggplant, and carrots.  Coming up in the next few weeks I will share my recipe for these amazing cinnamon glazed local colorful carrots.  Did you know that carrots didn’t actually start out orange?  It’s true, originating out of Middle Asia, carrots used to grow in colors such as purple, red, yellow, even black.  The orange carrot was born from the crossbreeding of the red and yellow carrot.


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