Six Steps to a Six Pack

Posted on March 16, 2013


I hate the word “diet”.  I’m not on a diet.  My definition of diet is a meal plan.  It’s certainly not some crash diet of 2 shakes a day, 1 meal a day, a few drops of female pregnancy hormone under your tongue.  I’m not into crash diets, they’re unrealistic for me.  No offence to any of you who might believe otherwise.  When I’m super focused on my food routine like I am now my mind is pretty much consumed by food.  It’s made worse by constantly thinking about what I CAN’T eat, even though there are more than enough incredibly delicious dishes for me to enjoy.

If you were to crawl inside my brain for a day, you’d first be shocked and eventually you would get bored.  If I’m not working; I’m thinking, planning, or doing food, music, or CrossFit.  Do you know Jenna Marbels?  She’s completely inappropriately hilarious.  I saw Jenna’s video “How A Diet Works” and finally figured out… I’m not alone.  (*Rated R for language)

I started a new meal plan 5 days ago.  I’m lying.  It was supposed to start 7 days ago, but remember that video you just watched…. That’s pretty much what went down for the first couple of days.  (No, I did not eat McDonalds…  everything was organic and non-GMO, but believe me, it’s still very possible to do damage with healthy food, when it’s the wrong kind).  After confessing to my Coach Monday morning, I committed to getting through 5 days, no bullshit.  And I did, yesterday was day 5 and I’m going strong.  It was not as hard as I was pretending it was going to be, but believe me, eating invisible pizza and drinking a whole glass of water to trick myself into a full belly was not how I got through the week.

I’m growing indefinitely tired of cheating myself out of what’s entirely possible.   I can hear Coach Cody in my ear as I’m about to pick up an intimidating bar, loaded with heavy weight, “envision the lift”, he says.  I think that applies to everything.  Envision the goal.  See the six-pack; visualize the meals and the hard work that got you there.  Over the last week, envisioning my goals has allowed me to stop focusing on what I can’t have, and start focusing on how I’m going to get there with what I can have. I sure do hope this concentration continues because I’m not willing to accept failure as an option.

I hate reading about ridiculous ways to avoid eating like shit.  Over the past 5 days, the self-satisfaction l feel is reason enough to keep on track. I’ve become less bloated and clearer minded enough to realize that the benefits of carefully selecting what I put in my body comes with entirely more rewards than just what I see on the outside. My insides are happy.  My mind is focused, my energy increased, my sleep patterns improved.  What in the hell makes eating a piece of cake better than all of those feelings combined?  I feel like I’m in a great place to really continue with this lifestyle and reach the goal.  Sure, I light-heartedly say my goal is that I want a six-pack (and I do) but for me that six-pack will signify much more than looks.

So while the first few days might seem like hell, the most important path to success thus far, has been through my mind.  It was important for me to understand what made staying on track this week so easy.  So I compiled a list of the things that were going to keep me there should things take a drastic change and I turn pathetic by next week; which I don’t plan on doing.

  1. Plan & Prepare Meals:  There is no way around this.  I have to do it every couple of days but it ensures no excuses!  I usually cook on Sunday’s (for Monday – Wednesday), and Wednesday (for Thursday – Sunday).  If I don’t do this I hit my starving point and binge on whatever I can get my hands on.  Snacking always turns to overeating for me.
  2. Keep A Journal:  WRITE IT DOWN.  I promise if you get in this habit you are never going to want to write down “1 bag of chocolate chips”.  And if you eat it and don’t write it down, it doesn’t do anything but make you feel guiltier.  Keep not only what you eat, but how you feel.  For example, a day after I eat like crap, I feel guilty and disappointed in myself.  After clearing a day clean, I feel so proud of myself.  Why would I choose to do something that doesn’t make me feel good?  Self-sabotage is a waste of energy.  Do things that make you happy.  How hard is that to stick to?
  3. Track Your Success:  Measure yourself.  No, don’t look at the scale.  Okay, I don’t really care if you pay attention to the scale, but under only one circumstance.  You must not let the scale affect your attitude about progress.  Measurements are much more meaningful.  Also, snap some pictures of yourself weekly.  It’s fun to watch your bumps dissipate.
  4. Avoid Mindless Eating:  Seriously important.  I hate saying this, but I’m a busy professional.  My job requires me to sit in front of my computer for 10 hours a day.  My hobbies (this blog), require the same thing.  Besides how horrible this is for my body, it’s not good for my eating habits either.  9 out of 10 times I’m eating in front of my computer, so consumed by my work that I don’t even realize I just finished the meal I put so much time into preparing.  “Did I even eat?” I wonder.  Not good.  Mentally, it’s important for me to sit at a table, take a break and pay attention to what I’m eating.  I need to remember to allow myself to enjoy the fresh, organic, healthy fuel I’m putting into my body.
  5. Reward Yourself:  NOT with food!!  Oh my gosh do I have the worst habits of sabotaging my success.  “I feel so skinny!!! I’m going to eat a cake!”.  Always a bad idea.  Instead, I need an alternative… any ideas?
  6. Brush Your Teeth:  If all else fails, stick a toothbrush in your pie hole.   Who wants to eat after you just brushed your teeth?  No, don’t eat a piece of gum.  That shit will kill you.

A simple list I plan on referring and adding to over the life of the journey.  One day at a time.  What are your tricks?