Everything Has A Place, and Everything In It’s Place

Posted on May 3, 2012


I was a slob of a kid growing up.  You couldn’t walk in my room.  And if you told me to clean it, that meant everything under the bed, or shoved in the closet.  Don’t fight me on it, I’m not cleaning.  This behavior continued through the few years I lived with my sister.  She was always cleaning.  She still is, always cleaning.  In my mid-twenties, I remember going out of town for the weekend and coming home to my sister trotting down the hallway.  She grabbed my wrists, her pearly whites staring at me, “can I show you something?” she said.  A behavior which followed her through earlier years, when she used to rip Christmas presents from tiny hands in an effort to “show me how to use it”.  I wondered why she never gave me the chance to learn it on my own.  An older sister, who likes to teach, can’t be a bad thing.  “Do I have a choice”, I said under my breath as I follow her down the narrow hallway.  I didn’t expect her to stop at the first door, which is mine.  “Don’t be mad at me,” she begins “I think you’re really going to like this”.  We walked in my room where she insinuated there was something in my closet that she needed to show me.  She leaned in towards the bi-folded doors and swung them open.

Be green! Use the cup from detergent for small storage organization

That might have been the defining moment.  The moment I became, what I self-diagnosed to be, OCD.  It didn’t happen overnight, but during the years following that, it would grow into an unrelenting obsessive, sometimes annoying, feature.  I might be one of the most organized people ever, but you don’t really know it right off the bat, so it’s a special feature. Through much obsessing and a couple of moves, I have managed to clean my life out.  I learned to detach myself from things.  Less is more.  When it’s easy to find what you are looking for, a tremendous amount of stress is removed and free time is right around the corner.  You know what that means, more time to shop every other day for your fresh organic fruits and veggies!

Use bags to store smaller items on the wall. Use space wisely. Sometimes, it’s not necessary to use a whole drawer to store film or receipts, for example.

I have a sort of passion around helping other people organize their lives.  Either at work or at home, there are a ton of things we can do to better organize our lives.  This is also a big part of living a fresh clean life.  See some tips in the pictures.

Alphabetize your spice rack. Sure, it might sound crazy, but when you’re looking for lemon pepper, you know exactly where to go. This also allows you to use some of those spices that have been hiding because you can’t see them smashed in the back behind your frequently used items.

As the doors swung open, I saw a rainbow. My sister had organized my clothes by type and color. Whites, blacks,pinks, blues, all grouped together. While the sloppy, unorganized side of me was annoyed for her touching my stuff (oh to be young again), I started to get it. 11 years later, my closet is still color coordinated. Call me crazy, but ask me where anything is, and I know exactly where to find it.I’ve implemented some of these exact things for friends before.  At first, resistant to change, as most of us naturally are, they now understand the benefit of making such changes.  I wonder how many of you are laughing.

Create consistency and labels, using tupperware for baking condiments. What you’re doing is creating a visual. When you’re out at the store, you can visualize your cabinet. Know what’s empty and what you are running low on.

Don’t let me in your kitchen, I’ll start alphabetizing and labeling everything!   I remember creating this system when I lived with my ex in his garage.  He was a less then organized person.  He hated that I was in his garage and was even more aggravated that I put labels on all his shelves.  HOWEVER, sure enough, he utilized the system, became more organized, and spent less time looking for missing tools.  In my opinion, if you can get a man’s man to adapt to the change, it can work for anyone!

Stay tuned as I undertake a mini project at a friend’s home.  I’ll be turning a guest bathroom closet into a beautiful display of lotions and toothpaste overstock. I’m strangely excited.  It’s the little things that keep me entertained!